Skulls & Shackles

Clearing the archipelago.

We are getting the ring so we can use Vargas’ leg to find the rest of his body.

The Serendipity is a little weird with all the changes, it is a great improvment.

Captain is at the helm.

Zur is in the crows nest.

Thom is in the galley.

Luce is walking the siege weapons.

Marina is talking to Fitch about navigation.

The ballistae are a solid upgrade with a higher rate of fire and they have a catch that allows them to be preloaded.

Down in the galley, Thom adds some of Fishguts’ secret rum stash to the tea.

We have catapult stones and a work station to make improvised ammo more aerodynamic.

We are off to Olo again and about 4 hrs in it starts to rain, as expected.

Marina flies up and reports that there is a tiff going on between Fitch and Capt Sinadarra.

The water here is darker than normal. A storm is a-brewing.

Luce is sent to the back to check in with the captain, but he doesn’t get alarmed.

Thom, below decks, hears Capt yell, “You sonafabitch!”

“Well, what do you expect when you sail this far north?!” hurls back Fitch.

Marina is holding Captain back from beating the crap out of Fitch.

Luce grabs Fitch away and pulls him to the left side of the ship to see what Zur spots something coming up to port.

“Weapons to port!” shouts Zur.

“Weapons to the left side of the boat!” shouts Luce.

Thom realizes that in this part of the ocean, there is a much higher chance of giant cephalopods and this is likely to be one.

This one grabs Marina.

Zur lets loose a flurry of arrows.

Luce Inspires Competence for +3 Sailor checks to Zur for 2 turns..

Thom lobs a Concussion Bomb with Precision and hits for 16 points of damage and it lets go of Marina.

Unconscious, her hair gets caught in the rigging and she bobs along.

The Cephalopod gets a hold of the ship and rocks it with Luce barely hanging on.

Thom notices that the Pod is really having to strain, which is good for us.

Zur lets arrow hell loose for 29 points.

Luce yanks back too hard and breaks the safety on one of the ballistae.

Thom pokes the Pod with Brine’s Sting for 26 pts and it mostly lets go.

Marina’s braids are looping around the ship, pulling her closer to the ship, saying her bacon.

Capt commandeers a ballistae and shouts to the crew to ready.

The Pod attacks Thom for 10 pts, throwing her into the mast.

Zur fires again and hits it 2 out of 3.

Luce tells some of the crew to go check the hull and leaps from the deck onto the Pod rolling a natural 1. He bounces off the Pod and flies 30 ft up and over the ship to the other side. He manages to slow his fall and thanks to a good Swim check takes only 13 points of concussive damage, knocking him unconscious.

Thom throws another bomb for 21 points of damage.

Ink goes everywhere, the Pod goes limp and it starts to sink.

The Captain orders to keep firing at it… with harpoons.

Zur dives off the crows nest and plucks Luce from the brine.

But, then there’s the fucking Seacat. It attacks Luce but gets a mouthful of nasty ink water.

Zur attacks the Seacat, killing it, and pulls it up on board. Thom, with Fitch’s help, figures how to skin this thing to salvage stuff for alchemy… but not meat.

The ship has minor leaks but they are being repaired.

Captain slices open a giant nasty sack of goo from the Pod, causing everyone to barf violently.

On the upside, treasure falls out onto the deck incl:

freshwater pearl (9gp)
obsidian (10gp +11gp)
peridot (50gp)
quartz (11gp)
smokey quartz (45gp)
Some magicky stuff that Marina takes stock of (incl. Scroll of Levitate, Scroll of Obscuring Mist, Wand of Burning Hands)
Plus another 50gp + 120 sp gathered up from the deck of barf and inky gross stuff.

Fitch makes a smart remark about taking taking credit and Luce flicks him on the nose before Captain gives him his cut.

Captain is pissed that we got ink all over our new tabards.

Drop anchor to weather out the storm.

Marina reports that the ship is mostly fine but could use some work.



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