Skulls & Shackles

May 4th

Thom’s acid attack to a sleeping orc has done extra damage for a solid chunk as she stabilizes Zur from his nasty-ass falchion wounds.

Marina hits the water and casts Dispel Magic at the Boss Orc and its rescue-monkey, but is shut down by some stronger counter magic flechette-decoys. The Thing is moving FAST.

She summons a Ghost Shark.

Luce makes it to the deck of the ship and shackles the sleeping-acid-face orc and then dives back in to join Marina. Not only are her Ghost Sharks around, other real-earth sharks are being drawn to the orc blood.

Marina spots some wrecks under the water and some clues that there is a loot cache nearby.

They both make it out of the water onto the ship before the sharks converge.

Marina shares that the Boss Orc and her monkey are heading out and the cache’s whereabouts.

We go thru the pockets of the dead and Marina moderately heals Zur to bring him. We find nothing special but take cutlasses and falchions.

Sleeping Acid-Face Orc wakes up and Marina and Thom play bad-cop/good cop (respectively).

Vakarla is named as the Big Boss by Sleeping Acid-Face.

Then Thom threatens to skin Acid-Face just before finding out that it got out of its shackles by breaking its own wrist and punching her in the face.

Marina Evil Eyes it and Luce leaps upon it and restrains it as Thom pops its pretty eye out of its socket with Brine’s Sting.

We toss Dead Acid-Face overboard.

Ghost Shark has been dispatched but we now know where they are headed.

It’s midnight at least, but Luce spots a smaller island where the mystical green light as two figures come out of the water and then the island appears to catch magical fire. Marina sees thru it as an, actually pretty short illusionary wall and we can use it as cover.

Marina casts invisibility on herself and heads out to do recon as Luce slyly climbs to the crows nest to keep an eye out and Thom begins picking apart the science of how these illusions work.

Marina considers Lightning Bolting Vakarla’s ass as we fully realize that the wall can be busted thru… which we do.

(roll for init)

Marina, over the beach, sees a couple of longboats moored at the back and some huts. She unleashes a clap of lightning at Vakarla and becomes visible as a result. Vakarla notices.

Thom restocks her bombs and Zur lashes out.

Luce spends a point of Ki and takes a running dive, closing the distance by 70 ft, running across the water until coming to rest in 10 ft deep water about 30ft from Vakarla.

Zur takes a hit from a Stupid Ray and becomes Stupid, spinning the ship’s wheel and knocking Thom about.

Marina Glitter-Bombs Vakarla.

Thom rights the ship at 50ft away and attempts to sway Zur back to reality but realizes that this is far gone and she grabs the wheel.

Luce dives below and breaks Varkarla’s knee.

Marina dives at the glitter-blind Vakarla giving her the Spectral Hand for a good solid chunk of damage, as it picks her up. She lets out a scream and shoots lights from her hands and… her monkey.





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