Skulls & Shackles

Off to Olo

Altogether, we are off to Shark Island on a rainy day.

Thom crashes into the murk while practicing flying. She spots a Seacat in the water around around. It’s a fucking half-shark half tiger. It jumps out of the water and takes a swipe at her and she takes a bit of damage.

Zur leaps into action and looses 3 arrows at the Seacat but only one lands and the beast dives.

Marina casts Mage Armor on herself.

The confused Seacat circles the ship as Thom ends up back on the ship. It’s not graceful but it works.

We arrive at Port Olo.

It is depressing and rainy and grey.

Gaslamps and candles cast a solemn glow as Zur points out a tavern that looks like a good spot for the good Dr Fitch: The Drowned Possum.

We order 3 drinks and Zur slaps a coin on the bar and asks for Fitch.

The bartender points out that many of the seats have nameplates. We head over to Fitch and he pulls out a bone inside of a glass tube.



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