Skulls & Shackles

The Abandoned Ship

We are looking for the Dryad’s Grave helmed by Milksop Morton to find the Ring of the Iron Skull.

If we head East we’ll start getting closer to Barisia (the mainland)
West = more northern islands (about where the regatta will be heading)

Fitch says we want to be just south of the Eye of Abednego (a permanent hurricane) and head west.

It’s too foggy to see much so Luce heads below deck to check on repairs and taps some boards into place with great aplomb.

Zur whistles, “Ship off the port bow!” and Luce tears up to the deck.

It’s a small ship, with NOBODY on board. No sails. Chellish. 60 yds away. Stationary.

This type of ship is typically very fast and made to move about a dozen people at a time.

Heads down and eyes peeled, we circle the craft tighter and tighter.

Sindarra & Marina use Detect Magic and find nothing.

Thom, Luce and Leda, a male halfling crew member will form a boarding party and Thom flies over to it.

The deck is apparently pretty messy, but no real signs of a struggle.

Thom figures it has been out here for about 4 months and it has been cleared of virtually everything useful. No rope, no sails, no doorknobs. It IS anchored.

Thom and Leda arrive with Sindarra. There is no apparent reason why the ship was abandoned.

Sindarra checks the captain’s quarters and Thom heads below deck.

It is dark and quiet and Fitch brings a lantern. He heads down into the hold with Thom right behind. It is an empty hull that runs the length of the ship with a couple of swinging doors in between.

There is scuffing as far as where stuff was, and bunks were probably hung. Luce finds that inside the mast is the tip of a broken rapier.

Thom pushes to head under the captain’s quarters. Luce pulls himself away from trying to pry the tip out of the mast and they meet with Sindarra.

We all, including Zur, help search the captain’s quarters and find a whole lot of nothing.

Thom discovers several pieces of glass that she reassembles back into a small window that shows a hole about the size of a half-dollar.

They take Sindarra down to the hold and show her the broken tip. She extracts it into a bottle and Thom takes it for testing.

Luce heads into the “brig” with Fitch lighting the way. There is a heavy duty door and bars in the window. It is the only door that is sealed on the ship.

There is a HAND in manacles. And before opening the door, Luce suggests he go up to the deck to attack from two angles.



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