Skulls & Shackles

The Abandoned Ship

We are looking for the Dryad’s Grave helmed by Milksop Morton to find the Ring of the Iron Skull.

If we head East we’ll start getting closer to Barisia (the mainland)
West = more northern islands (about where the regatta will be heading)

Fitch says we want to be just south of the Eye of Abednego (a permanent hurricane) and head west.

It’s too foggy to see much so Luce heads below deck to check on repairs and taps some boards into place with great aplomb.

Zur whistles, “Ship off the port bow!” and Luce tears up to the deck.

It’s a small ship, with NOBODY on board. No sails. Chellish. 60 yds away. Stationary.

This type of ship is typically very fast and made to move about a dozen people at a time.

Heads down and eyes peeled, we circle the craft tighter and tighter.

Sindarra & Marina use Detect Magic and find nothing.

Thom, Luce and Leda, a male halfling crew member will form a boarding party and Thom flies over to it.

The deck is apparently pretty messy, but no real signs of a struggle.

Thom figures it has been out here for about 4 months and it has been cleared of virtually everything useful. No rope, no sails, no doorknobs. It IS anchored.

Thom and Leda arrive with Sindarra. There is no apparent reason why the ship was abandoned.

Sindarra checks the captain’s quarters and Thom heads below deck.

It is dark and quiet and Fitch brings a lantern. He heads down into the hold with Thom right behind. It is an empty hull that runs the length of the ship with a couple of swinging doors in between.

There is scuffing as far as where stuff was, and bunks were probably hung. Luce finds that inside the mast is the tip of a broken rapier.

Thom pushes to head under the captain’s quarters. Luce pulls himself away from trying to pry the tip out of the mast and they meet with Sindarra.

We all, including Zur, help search the captain’s quarters and find a whole lot of nothing.

Thom discovers several pieces of glass that she reassembles back into a small window that shows a hole about the size of a half-dollar.

They take Sindarra down to the hold and show her the broken tip. She extracts it into a bottle and Thom takes it for testing.

Luce heads into the “brig” with Fitch lighting the way. There is a heavy duty door and bars in the window. It is the only door that is sealed on the ship.

There is a HAND in manacles. And before opening the door, Luce suggests he go up to the deck to attack from two angles.

Clearing the archipelago.

We are getting the ring so we can use Vargas’ leg to find the rest of his body.

The Serendipity is a little weird with all the changes, it is a great improvment.

Captain is at the helm.

Zur is in the crows nest.

Thom is in the galley.

Luce is walking the siege weapons.

Marina is talking to Fitch about navigation.

The ballistae are a solid upgrade with a higher rate of fire and they have a catch that allows them to be preloaded.

Down in the galley, Thom adds some of Fishguts’ secret rum stash to the tea.

We have catapult stones and a work station to make improvised ammo more aerodynamic.

We are off to Olo again and about 4 hrs in it starts to rain, as expected.

Marina flies up and reports that there is a tiff going on between Fitch and Capt Sinadarra.

The water here is darker than normal. A storm is a-brewing.

Luce is sent to the back to check in with the captain, but he doesn’t get alarmed.

Thom, below decks, hears Capt yell, “You sonafabitch!”

“Well, what do you expect when you sail this far north?!” hurls back Fitch.

Marina is holding Captain back from beating the crap out of Fitch.

Luce grabs Fitch away and pulls him to the left side of the ship to see what Zur spots something coming up to port.

“Weapons to port!” shouts Zur.

“Weapons to the left side of the boat!” shouts Luce.

Thom realizes that in this part of the ocean, there is a much higher chance of giant cephalopods and this is likely to be one.

This one grabs Marina.

Zur lets loose a flurry of arrows.

Luce Inspires Competence for +3 Sailor checks to Zur for 2 turns..

Thom lobs a Concussion Bomb with Precision and hits for 16 points of damage and it lets go of Marina.

Unconscious, her hair gets caught in the rigging and she bobs along.

The Cephalopod gets a hold of the ship and rocks it with Luce barely hanging on.

Thom notices that the Pod is really having to strain, which is good for us.

Zur lets arrow hell loose for 29 points.

Luce yanks back too hard and breaks the safety on one of the ballistae.

Thom pokes the Pod with Brine’s Sting for 26 pts and it mostly lets go.

Marina’s braids are looping around the ship, pulling her closer to the ship, saying her bacon.

Capt commandeers a ballistae and shouts to the crew to ready.

The Pod attacks Thom for 10 pts, throwing her into the mast.

Zur fires again and hits it 2 out of 3.

Luce tells some of the crew to go check the hull and leaps from the deck onto the Pod rolling a natural 1. He bounces off the Pod and flies 30 ft up and over the ship to the other side. He manages to slow his fall and thanks to a good Swim check takes only 13 points of concussive damage, knocking him unconscious.

Thom throws another bomb for 21 points of damage.

Ink goes everywhere, the Pod goes limp and it starts to sink.

The Captain orders to keep firing at it… with harpoons.

Zur dives off the crows nest and plucks Luce from the brine.

But, then there’s the fucking Seacat. It attacks Luce but gets a mouthful of nasty ink water.

Zur attacks the Seacat, killing it, and pulls it up on board. Thom, with Fitch’s help, figures how to skin this thing to salvage stuff for alchemy… but not meat.

The ship has minor leaks but they are being repaired.

Captain slices open a giant nasty sack of goo from the Pod, causing everyone to barf violently.

On the upside, treasure falls out onto the deck incl:

freshwater pearl (9gp)
obsidian (10gp +11gp)
peridot (50gp)
quartz (11gp)
smokey quartz (45gp)
Some magicky stuff that Marina takes stock of (incl. Scroll of Levitate, Scroll of Obscuring Mist, Wand of Burning Hands)
Plus another 50gp + 120 sp gathered up from the deck of barf and inky gross stuff.

Fitch makes a smart remark about taking taking credit and Luce flicks him on the nose before Captain gives him his cut.

Captain is pissed that we got ink all over our new tabards.

Drop anchor to weather out the storm.

Marina reports that the ship is mostly fine but could use some work.

Off to Olo

Altogether, we are off to Shark Island on a rainy day.

Thom crashes into the murk while practicing flying. She spots a Seacat in the water around around. It’s a fucking half-shark half tiger. It jumps out of the water and takes a swipe at her and she takes a bit of damage.

Zur leaps into action and looses 3 arrows at the Seacat but only one lands and the beast dives.

Marina casts Mage Armor on herself.

The confused Seacat circles the ship as Thom ends up back on the ship. It’s not graceful but it works.

We arrive at Port Olo.

It is depressing and rainy and grey.

Gaslamps and candles cast a solemn glow as Zur points out a tavern that looks like a good spot for the good Dr Fitch: The Drowned Possum.

We order 3 drinks and Zur slaps a coin on the bar and asks for Fitch.

The bartender points out that many of the seats have nameplates. We head over to Fitch and he pulls out a bone inside of a glass tube.

Shopping, part 2

Shopping, Part one was last week. Manacles were bought and pastries were eated.

1) Naga’s Philters – 2 story brick and timber, likely with workshop out back. Thom is like a kid in a candy store, apparently it is quite good stuff, but Luce is a little taken aback by the high traffic. It’s kind of like a really fancy Whole Foodsy, douchey place.

Luce suggests picking up something for Fishguts and we consider even shopping for the crew. He gets distracted by coffee.

Marina shops for her familiar.

Thom heads upstairs and the second floor is more for the professional alchemist/chef. She’s a bit befuddled because these are some reeeeeal pros.

She gets the attention of a snooty gnome, Rickum, and asks for some sort of gas mask. He shows he a couple of models and then becomes intrigued by her portable kit.

The winning mask offers full coverage and is spring loaded for both the goggles and filter. She pick it up with a coupla refills for her kit.

The gnome mentions Osirian… lost city for treasure hunters.

Turns out the place is so busy because a competitor, The Jasper Leaf, closed down amid strange circumstances and allegations. The staff was apparently a lot of, dun dun dunnnnn, foreigners (non-Common speakers). There is even still some activity around the building as it sits closed.

“Who are you betting on for the regatta?” she asks.

“Who knows? But I don’t think Bonefist will get as far as usual.”

Thom is bouncing along like a spaz.

Luce learns a bit about Marina and witches in general, both from her and the Bird as they head toward another “magic shop”.

They end up in a kind of shopping arcade. A bit seedy. They spot their new ship uniforms being sewn.

They to Onwards and Marina asks a Ferengi about Immovable Rods.

James Kept in Drenchport?

Kenalius Fitch – Olo?

May 18th

J is late to the game.

Stuff happens.

Shit blows up. Including Vakarla.

Luce gets a monkey.

The group now has 3 boats, including two long boats, but not including the Serendipity.

And, Thom heals Zur a bit as they relax a bit on the island.

Marina wonders if their will be any leftover members of the Wrecking Crew and a watch is set with Zur taking first turn. All is quiet through the night.

Thom suggests the group head to Quent and unload their loot, and the journey should take about a day.

At the House of Stolen Kisses on Quent, Thom and Marina get a little r&r while Zur is looking to find out info on his recently salvaged mithril daggers, but doesn’t find out much, except they are worth a nice chunk of cash and he sells him.

Dindriann arrives and is shocked that we got the job done so quickly as Zur gives her the Golden Vessel. She’s not a super fan of pirates in general but we are improving her regard. Zur, in turn, questions her about the Brine Banshee, as was part of the bargain.

She mentions that the ship’s doctor, Haneilius Fitch, is in the Port of Olo and would be the one to contact.

She offers a golden bracelet to everyone, which is apparently some sort of filthy coupon for the whorehouses. A fifth is reserved for Egon who off on his own adventure.

Port Olo on Shark Island is bad news. The climate of Seattle with the attitude of Flint, MI.

We make it back to Port Peril and the Serendipity is hardly recognizable with her upgrades, including oxblood sails and matching uniforms.

Captain Sindarra gave us the go-ahead to sell the long-boats, as we load the plunder.

We leave her as we head to Olo, leaving the monkey behind with depressed kid.

Level 8.

May 4th

Thom’s acid attack to a sleeping orc has done extra damage for a solid chunk as she stabilizes Zur from his nasty-ass falchion wounds.

Marina hits the water and casts Dispel Magic at the Boss Orc and its rescue-monkey, but is shut down by some stronger counter magic flechette-decoys. The Thing is moving FAST.

She summons a Ghost Shark.

Luce makes it to the deck of the ship and shackles the sleeping-acid-face orc and then dives back in to join Marina. Not only are her Ghost Sharks around, other real-earth sharks are being drawn to the orc blood.

Marina spots some wrecks under the water and some clues that there is a loot cache nearby.

They both make it out of the water onto the ship before the sharks converge.

Marina shares that the Boss Orc and her monkey are heading out and the cache’s whereabouts.

We go thru the pockets of the dead and Marina moderately heals Zur to bring him. We find nothing special but take cutlasses and falchions.

Sleeping Acid-Face Orc wakes up and Marina and Thom play bad-cop/good cop (respectively).

Vakarla is named as the Big Boss by Sleeping Acid-Face.

Then Thom threatens to skin Acid-Face just before finding out that it got out of its shackles by breaking its own wrist and punching her in the face.

Marina Evil Eyes it and Luce leaps upon it and restrains it as Thom pops its pretty eye out of its socket with Brine’s Sting.

We toss Dead Acid-Face overboard.

Ghost Shark has been dispatched but we now know where they are headed.

It’s midnight at least, but Luce spots a smaller island where the mystical green light as two figures come out of the water and then the island appears to catch magical fire. Marina sees thru it as an, actually pretty short illusionary wall and we can use it as cover.

Marina casts invisibility on herself and heads out to do recon as Luce slyly climbs to the crows nest to keep an eye out and Thom begins picking apart the science of how these illusions work.

Marina considers Lightning Bolting Vakarla’s ass as we fully realize that the wall can be busted thru… which we do.

(roll for init)

Marina, over the beach, sees a couple of longboats moored at the back and some huts. She unleashes a clap of lightning at Vakarla and becomes visible as a result. Vakarla notices.

Thom restocks her bombs and Zur lashes out.

Luce spends a point of Ki and takes a running dive, closing the distance by 70 ft, running across the water until coming to rest in 10 ft deep water about 30ft from Vakarla.

Zur takes a hit from a Stupid Ray and becomes Stupid, spinning the ship’s wheel and knocking Thom about.

Marina Glitter-Bombs Vakarla.

Thom rights the ship at 50ft away and attempts to sway Zur back to reality but realizes that this is far gone and she grabs the wheel.

Luce dives below and breaks Varkarla’s knee.

Marina dives at the glitter-blind Vakarla giving her the Spectral Hand for a good solid chunk of damage, as it picks her up. She lets out a scream and shoots lights from her hands and… her monkey.



April 21, 2016 - Meet the Wreckers

We return with Egon after Dindriann sends us out with new info on the Wreckers and spy.

We get back to the Serendipity. The ship is not ready to go, as Sindarra is overhauling the ship.

We tell her that we are just following another thread of Zur’s relatives. She is not buying it and does NOT like the mask cameo from the Norgorber mob/cult that marks us.

We are bound for Vakarla of the Rampoor Isles and rent a pinance, christened by Zur, The Sea Foam, from Ameliens

The Wreckers have a pirate hideout on Vakarla and they may be protecting the spy Jamiss Keft.

The first couple hours are calm and the winds are favorable. We get to the spot where the island is at night.

Luce sees thru the fog to a small merchant ship with lowered sails, limping about and raising the Rahadoumi flag. There are some discrepancies that indicate that some sort of illusion is about. Turns out is not a ship at all but a trap of jagged rocks.

Marina flies up into the sky and spots a small base and another island a little further away that might be more inhabited.

We notice that ropes are coming out of the water on some flotsam and/or jetsam annnnnnd we roll for initiative…

Zur is hit by a light crossbow bolt, seemingly from nowhere, but almost from above (?). He drops low and gets out his short bow.

Invisible assailants, including a badass half-orc appear from thin air, on ropes… Boarding from an invisible ship (?). The half-orc nails Lucifelle with a falchion.

Marina casts Dispel Magic and reveals and POPS a bubble of 5 attackers, scattering them about the deck and into the sea. The meanest one, a Boss she with a nice coat, a sword and a monkey. (2 in the boat, 2 in the water and one hanging from the side)

Luce bullrushes and goes right over the side (with a critical miss) but lands so well that he manages to walk 3 full steps on the top of the waves.

Thom tosses an acid bomb with a great precision.

Another swimming half-orc climbs onto the ship with a crossbow.

The Boss takes some acid damage but her coat and armor absorbs it and she swings at Thom, slashing her.

Zur fires an arrow at a crossbow wielding half-orc as another half-orc strikes at him with a falchion.

Marina puts the Boss to sleep enough for her to slow down and drop her weapon.

Water bound cutthroat grapples and chokes Luce, beginning to drown him.

Thom chucks another acid bomb but misses…


Marina hexes Luce’s attacker to sleep and in the moment cracks a smoke pellet in the half-orc and suddenly he’s just holding a pair of boots as the half-orc immolates from inside.

Thom spider attacks Zur’s assailants with the weapon Brine’s Sting but misses.

Luce sees the Boss sinking down surrounded by what appears to be a protective bubble.

Zur’s is attacked with a falchion for a good chunk of damage.

Marina puts another attacker to sleep.

Luce swims over to the Boss and she’s definitely being kept alive by some sort of magic (the same magic that kept Sindarra alive?).

Thom attacks with Fire Breath and does some good ol’ damage.

Zur puts the flaming half-orc out of his misery.

Marina starts to identify some of the magic and watches the monkey change color and dive into the water. Marina dives after it and the Boss.

Luce heads to the surface as Marina hits the water.

April 21, 2016 - Setup

Thomasina Aine
Lucifelle Slippes (Played by Pathtester)
Zur (played by Philly)

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