Skulls & Shackles

April 21, 2016 - Meet the Wreckers

We return with Egon after Dindriann sends us out with new info on the Wreckers and spy.

We get back to the Serendipity. The ship is not ready to go, as Sindarra is overhauling the ship.

We tell her that we are just following another thread of Zur’s relatives. She is not buying it and does NOT like the mask cameo from the Norgorber mob/cult that marks us.

We are bound for Vakarla of the Rampoor Isles and rent a pinance, christened by Zur, The Sea Foam, from Ameliens

The Wreckers have a pirate hideout on Vakarla and they may be protecting the spy Jamiss Keft.

The first couple hours are calm and the winds are favorable. We get to the spot where the island is at night.

Luce sees thru the fog to a small merchant ship with lowered sails, limping about and raising the Rahadoumi flag. There are some discrepancies that indicate that some sort of illusion is about. Turns out is not a ship at all but a trap of jagged rocks.

Marina flies up into the sky and spots a small base and another island a little further away that might be more inhabited.

We notice that ropes are coming out of the water on some flotsam and/or jetsam annnnnnd we roll for initiative…

Zur is hit by a light crossbow bolt, seemingly from nowhere, but almost from above (?). He drops low and gets out his short bow.

Invisible assailants, including a badass half-orc appear from thin air, on ropes… Boarding from an invisible ship (?). The half-orc nails Lucifelle with a falchion.

Marina casts Dispel Magic and reveals and POPS a bubble of 5 attackers, scattering them about the deck and into the sea. The meanest one, a Boss she with a nice coat, a sword and a monkey. (2 in the boat, 2 in the water and one hanging from the side)

Luce bullrushes and goes right over the side (with a critical miss) but lands so well that he manages to walk 3 full steps on the top of the waves.

Thom tosses an acid bomb with a great precision.

Another swimming half-orc climbs onto the ship with a crossbow.

The Boss takes some acid damage but her coat and armor absorbs it and she swings at Thom, slashing her.

Zur fires an arrow at a crossbow wielding half-orc as another half-orc strikes at him with a falchion.

Marina puts the Boss to sleep enough for her to slow down and drop her weapon.

Water bound cutthroat grapples and chokes Luce, beginning to drown him.

Thom chucks another acid bomb but misses…


Marina hexes Luce’s attacker to sleep and in the moment cracks a smoke pellet in the half-orc and suddenly he’s just holding a pair of boots as the half-orc immolates from inside.

Thom spider attacks Zur’s assailants with the weapon Brine’s Sting but misses.

Luce sees the Boss sinking down surrounded by what appears to be a protective bubble.

Zur’s is attacked with a falchion for a good chunk of damage.

Marina puts another attacker to sleep.

Luce swims over to the Boss and she’s definitely being kept alive by some sort of magic (the same magic that kept Sindarra alive?).

Thom attacks with Fire Breath and does some good ol’ damage.

Zur puts the flaming half-orc out of his misery.

Marina starts to identify some of the magic and watches the monkey change color and dive into the water. Marina dives after it and the Boss.

Luce heads to the surface as Marina hits the water.



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