Skulls & Shackles

May 18th

J is late to the game.

Stuff happens.

Shit blows up. Including Vakarla.

Luce gets a monkey.

The group now has 3 boats, including two long boats, but not including the Serendipity.

And, Thom heals Zur a bit as they relax a bit on the island.

Marina wonders if their will be any leftover members of the Wrecking Crew and a watch is set with Zur taking first turn. All is quiet through the night.

Thom suggests the group head to Quent and unload their loot, and the journey should take about a day.

At the House of Stolen Kisses on Quent, Thom and Marina get a little r&r while Zur is looking to find out info on his recently salvaged mithril daggers, but doesn’t find out much, except they are worth a nice chunk of cash and he sells him.

Dindriann arrives and is shocked that we got the job done so quickly as Zur gives her the Golden Vessel. She’s not a super fan of pirates in general but we are improving her regard. Zur, in turn, questions her about the Brine Banshee, as was part of the bargain.

She mentions that the ship’s doctor, Haneilius Fitch, is in the Port of Olo and would be the one to contact.

She offers a golden bracelet to everyone, which is apparently some sort of filthy coupon for the whorehouses. A fifth is reserved for Egon who off on his own adventure.

Port Olo on Shark Island is bad news. The climate of Seattle with the attitude of Flint, MI.

We make it back to Port Peril and the Serendipity is hardly recognizable with her upgrades, including oxblood sails and matching uniforms.

Captain Sindarra gave us the go-ahead to sell the long-boats, as we load the plunder.

We leave her as we head to Olo, leaving the monkey behind with depressed kid.

Level 8.



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