Skulls & Shackles

Shopping, part 2

Shopping, Part one was last week. Manacles were bought and pastries were eated.

1) Naga’s Philters – 2 story brick and timber, likely with workshop out back. Thom is like a kid in a candy store, apparently it is quite good stuff, but Luce is a little taken aback by the high traffic. It’s kind of like a really fancy Whole Foodsy, douchey place.

Luce suggests picking up something for Fishguts and we consider even shopping for the crew. He gets distracted by coffee.

Marina shops for her familiar.

Thom heads upstairs and the second floor is more for the professional alchemist/chef. She’s a bit befuddled because these are some reeeeeal pros.

She gets the attention of a snooty gnome, Rickum, and asks for some sort of gas mask. He shows he a couple of models and then becomes intrigued by her portable kit.

The winning mask offers full coverage and is spring loaded for both the goggles and filter. She pick it up with a coupla refills for her kit.

The gnome mentions Osirian… lost city for treasure hunters.

Turns out the place is so busy because a competitor, The Jasper Leaf, closed down amid strange circumstances and allegations. The staff was apparently a lot of, dun dun dunnnnn, foreigners (non-Common speakers). There is even still some activity around the building as it sits closed.

“Who are you betting on for the regatta?” she asks.

“Who knows? But I don’t think Bonefist will get as far as usual.”

Thom is bouncing along like a spaz.

Luce learns a bit about Marina and witches in general, both from her and the Bird as they head toward another “magic shop”.

They end up in a kind of shopping arcade. A bit seedy. They spot their new ship uniforms being sewn.

They to Onwards and Marina asks a Ferengi about Immovable Rods.

James Kept in Drenchport?

Kenalius Fitch – Olo?



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